Acting career

Acting Career

Bruna Rubio, ( born November 19th, 1981), also known as Bruna Medrano Rubio, is a Spanish- American actress, producer, TV host, businesswoman and finalist of “Fear Factor” TV Show.

The actress started her acting career at the age of 5 doing her first commercial for Nestle. Growing up in Spain she worked in many famous TV shows, commercials and theaters. By the time Bruna reached eighteen she was in many famous Spanish TV shows like “Cruz y Raya tve”, “Al salir de clase”, “Telecinco”, as well as compaigns for Pepsi, Vips, etc…

Bruna begins her TV host career in Los Angeles with the TV show “A que no puedes?” “Esterella” TV and “Rodando Rodando” with “Mari Cielo Pajares”. Followed shortly by an appearance on the “Telemund” telenovela “La Ley del Silencio”. These led to her first film offers, several small roles on movies like “Out of blood”, “The night crew”, “Barry Munday”, “Sharktopus vs Whalewolf ” or TV shows like “Sleeper Cell”, “Poject: Phoenix”, “I’m dying up here”, etc…

In 2013 Bruna opened her own production company following her father foot steps and she produces Short films like “Vampiras”, “Brutum Fullem” and TV shows “Rodando Rodando” and “Project:Phoenix”. Bruna Rubio production company “Goldheart Film Studio” productions is currently on post production of the Mini series Nevaeh and developing a new TV series for Netflix with the production company in Spain : “‘Plano a Plano”.

Bruna Rubio also is filming the TV show , a music competition for channel 22 where she is one of the judges, this show is planning to air in November 2020 .

Living in Los Angeles the actress is working her way up among the most famous Hollywood movie stars and currently working on “Aaah! Roach!” movie.

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